【Japanese people teach】How to eat Japanese sweets “Taiyaki”

“Taiyaki” is a Japanese sweet that has the shape of a fish.
The fluffy dough contains plenty of sweet bean paste.
It is one of the washoku sweets that Japan is proud of.
As a Japanese, I will teach you the deliciousness of “Taiyaki”.
Do you know what “taiyaki” is made of?
I will also teach you how to make “Taiyaki”.
Introducing places where you can buy “Taiyaki”.
There is a beautiful picture of “Taiyaki”.
It’s fun just looking at the pictures.

"Taiyaki" that you can see the contents
“Taiyaki” that you can see the contents
Scene of making taiyaki
Scene of making taiyaki
Taiyaki and Japanese tea
Taiyaki and Japanese tea

History of “Taiyaki”

Japanese sweets "Taiyaki"

“Taiyaki” was born in Tokyo about 100 years ago.
“Taiyaki” was sold at food stalls.
“Taiyaki” imitates the shape of a red snapper.
In Japan, it is customary to eat red snapper when there is a celebration.
Red snapper is a happy symbol in Japan.
For this reason, “Taiyaki” in the shape of a red snapper sold well.
The colors and shapes of Washoku are often meaningful.

How to make “Taiyaki”

Equipment for making "taiyaki"
Equipment for making “taiyaki”

“Taiyaki” is made using two baking molds.
The ingredients for the dough for Taiyaki are flour, milk, eggs, sugar, and baking powder.
Mix this ingredient and put it in two baking molds to bake.
When the dough has hardened, add sweet bean paste.
Combine the two baking molds and bake to wrap the sweet bean paste.
“Taiyaki” is complete when it is browned.
At the shop, many “taiyaki” are baked at the same time.

Scene of making "Taiyaki"
Scene of making “Taiyaki”

How to eat “Taiyaki”

A woman who has "Taiyaki"

“Taiyaki” is eaten by holding it in your hand.
You can eat “Taiyaki” from anywhere.
Each person has their own way of eating “Taiyaki”, such as those who eat from the head of “Taiyaki” and those who eat from the tail.
You can tear the taiyaki by hand and eat it, but be careful as the sweet bean paste inside may fall off.
I often use chopsticks when I eat Washoku, but I don’t use chopsticks when I eat Taiyaki.
Most of the “Taiyaki” sold at stores are made in advance.
If the shop does not have the “Taiyaki” made in advance, you will have to wait at least 5 minutes for the “Taiyaki” to be completed.
Please note that the freshly made “Taiyaki” is hot.

A place where you can eat “taiyaki”

Japanese sweets "Taiyaki"

“Taiyaki” is often sold at Japanese confectionery stores.
Some stores only sell “Taiyaki”.
There are lines at popular shops.
Many stores sell “Taiyaki” in a take-out format.
The price of “Taiyaki” is about 150 to 200 yen per piece.
The thickness of the Taiyaki dough and the sweetness of the sweet bean paste vary from store to store.

The charm of “Taiyaki”

Japanese sweets "Taiyaki"

There are songs related to “Taiyaki” in Japan.
It’s a song composed over 40 years ago.
“Taiyaki” is familiar to the common people in Japan.
You will be amazed at the unique shape of “Taiyaki”.
Why don’t you take a walk around the city while eating “Taiyaki”?
It will surely be a fun sightseeing.
“Taiyaki” is a washoku sweet that you can easily eat.
Please try “Taiyaki”, a Japanese sweet.
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