【Japanese people teach】How to eat Japanese sweets “Anmitsu”

Japanese sweets that look and taste gorgeous.
It’s anmitsu.
It is one of the washoku sweets that Japan is proud of.
As a Japanese, I will teach you the deliciousness of Anmitsu.
Do you know what anmitsu is made of?
I will also teach you how to make anmitsu.
Introducing places where you can easily buy anmitsu.
There is a beautiful picture of Anmitsu.
It’s fun just looking at the pictures.

Anmitsu and Japanese tea
Anmitsu and Japanese tea
Anmitsu with ice cream
Anmitsu with ice cream

History of Anmitsu


There are various theories about the origin of Anmitsu.
It is said to have originated in Ginza, Tokyo about 90 years ago.
It is a relatively new Japanese sweet.

How to make anmitsu

Anmitsu is made of the following ingredients.
Agar cut into squares.
“Shiratama Dango” (sticky rice balls)
Red peas.
Fruits such as mandarin oranges and pineapples.
Sweet bean paste.
Anmitsu is a Japanese confectionery made by serving this ingredient in a beautiful bowl.
It is a Japanese sweet that you can eat with brown sugar syrupy if you like.



The agar is not very flavored.
The texture of agar is like a hard jelly.
The color of agar is often whitish and transparent.
There are also agars that are colored red or black.
The light taste of agar moderates the sweetness of the sweet bean paste.

“Shiratama Dango” (sticky rice balls)

"Shiratama Dango" (sticky rice balls)

“Shiratama Dango” is a rice dumpling made by adding water to rice flour and boiling it.
“Shiratama Dango” has an elastic and chewy texture.
“Shiratama Dango” is not very flavored either.
“Shiratama Dango” is white, but there is also a light red “Shiratama Dango”.
In Japan, red and white are considered to be a happy color.
Washoku is a dish that emphasizes both taste and appearance.
In Japan, red and white food is often used for celebrations.

Red peas

Red peas

Red peas are a little hard because the outer skin is thick.
The red peas are boiled so the inside is soft.
Red peas are boiled unflavored.
There are also sweetly seasoned red peas.



There are various fruits used for anmitsu such as mandarin oranges, cherries, and peaches.
The sourness of the fruit goes well with the sweet bean paste.
When the sweetness of sweet bean paste is added to the sweetness of fruits, you can enjoy the exquisite sweetness.

Sweet bean paste


Sweet bean paste is made by boiling red beans and adding sugar to make them smooth.
Sweet bean paste is often used in Washoku sweets.
There are two types of sweet bean paste, “Tsubuan” and “Koshian”.
“Tsubuan” contains red bean skin.
“Tsubuan” has red beans left in a round shape.
“Koshian” has the red bean skin removed.
“Koshian” has a creamy texture because the shape of azuki beans does not remain.

Brown sugar syrupy

Brown sugar syrupy

Brown sugar syrupy is made by dissolving brown sugar in water and boiling it down.
Brown sugar syrupy is sweet, rich and mellow.
Brown sugar syrupy has a unique sweetness that is different from sugar.

How to eat anmitsu


Anmitsu is eaten with a spoon.
The order in which the contents of anmitsu are eaten is not fixed.
Please eat anmitsu in your favorite way.
Agar, “Shiratama Dango”, and fruits have different textures, so you can enjoy the difference.

A place where you can eat anmitsu

“Amami Dokoro” (Japanese sweets shop)

Goodwill of Japanese sweets shop
Goodwill of Japanese sweets shop

In Japan, there is a store that offers Japanese sweets called “Amami Dokoro”.
They offer a variety of anmitsu such as anmitsu topped with matcha ice cream and anmitsu topped with cream.
The price of anmitsu is around 600 to 1000 yen.
The inside of the store is often made in Japanese style.
“Amami Dokoro” also offers Japanese sweets such as sweet red bean soup.


Canned anmitsu
Canned anmitsu

You can buy canned anmitsu at Japanese supermarkets.
Canned anmitsu costs about 400 yen each.
When you open the lid of the can, you will find sweet bean paste in another bag.
Serve other ingredients in a bowl and then serve sweet bean paste in a bowl.
Canned anmitsu can be eaten at home at any time.
It can be preserved, so it is a good souvenir for Japanese sweets.

The charm of anmitsu


“Shiratama dango” and agar.
A fruit that looks gorgeous.
You can enjoy various deliciousness if you eat it with sweet bean paste.
Anmitsu is a washoku sweet that you can enjoy various tastes.
Please try Anmitsu, a Japanese sweet.
Thank you for reading to the end.
I hope this article has helped you.
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