【Japanese people teach】How to eat Tofu.

As a Japanese, I will teach you three tips for eating tofu deliciously.
There are many pictures of Japanese tofu.
You can buy tofu even in unexpected places in Japan.

tofu and chopsticks
tofu and chopsticks
tofu fried in oil
tofu fried in oil
tofu salad
tofu salad

How to make Japanese tofu

Tofu and soybeans
Tofu and soybeans

Tofu is made from soy.
First, soak the dried soybeans in water.
Soaking soybeans in water more than double the volume.
Next, crush the soybeans soaked in water.
When crushed, it becomes a white liquid.
Filter this white liquid with a cloth.
The filtered liquid is soy milk.
Tofu is made by adding bittern to soy milk and hardening it.

Types of Japanese tofu

Momen tofu
Momen tofu

There are two types of tofu: Momen tofu and Kinu tofu.
There are traces of cloth on the surface of Momen tofu.
This is because when hardening the soy milk, a cloth is used.
Momen tofu is harder than Kinu tofu.
Momen tofu is less crumble than Kinu tofu.
Momen tofu is suitable for stir-fry and stewed dishes.
Kinu Tofu has a softer tongue than Momen Tofu.
Suitable for eating as it is or for salads.
Generally, it has such characteristics.
There is also soft Momen tofu depending on how it is made.



Yuba is a product made from soy milk.
When soy milk is heated, a film is formed on the surface.
This film is Yuba.
Unlike tofu, the texture is firm.
Yuba is sheet-like, and taste is thicker than tofu.
Yuba is eaten with soy sauce.
Yuba is used for various dishes such as boiled dishes.
Yuba can also be used as washoku tempura

Japanese tofu dishes

Hiyayakko (chilled tofu)

Hiyayakko (chilled tofu)

Chilled tofu topped with dried bonito flakes, sliced green onion, grated ginger, and soy sauce.
You can enjoy the original taste of tofu.
You can enjoy gentle sweetness derived from soy.
You can eat it without any condiments.
It is common to add soy sauce, but you can eat deliciously even with ponzu.
Be careful not to overuse soy sauce or ponzu.
Use chopsticks, cut into bite-sized pieces and eat.
If you can’t use chopsticks, you can eat with a spoon.

Yudofu(boiled tofu)

Yudofu(boiled tofu)

Put kelp and water in a pot.
Put the cut tofu in a pot and warm it.
Soak the heated tofu in soy sauce or ponzu to eat.
There are also toppings such as chopped green onions and bonito.
Eat with your favorite toppings.
Warm tofu can taste mellow texture.
Because it is a simple dish, you can enjoy the taste of the ingredients themselves.
Eating tofu in the cold season will surely warm your heart.
You can eat yudofu with a spoon, but be careful not to add too much ponzu.
Do not eat kelp.

Agedashi tofu (Deep-fried tofu)

Agedashi tofu (Deep-fried tofu)

First, cut the tofu into small pieces.
Sprinkle it with potato starch.
It is a dish of washoku fried in oil.
Tofu is soaked in a soy sauce based sauce.
Sweet sauce goes well with tofu.
Grated radish and green onions are topped with tofu.
It is a menu that is common in Japanese bars.
Agedashi tofu is the best snack for sake.
Tofu has a light taste, but is juicy because it is fried in oil.
The outside is crispy and has a fluffy texture.
Sweet sauce goes well with tofu.

Mabo tofu

Mabo tofu

Mabo tofu is originally a Chinese dish.
It was transmitted to Japan and improved to suit Japanese tastes.
How to make mabo tofu.
Fry minced meat with soy sauce-based seasoning containing bean board soy sauce.
Add the cut tofu and green onions.
Thicken with potato starch and it is ready.
The taste of minced meat and the flavor of seasonings go well with tofu.
The spiciness of mabo tofu is different depending on the shop.
If you put mabo tofu on rice, it becomes a mabo bowl.
Mabo tofu has a strong taste, so it goes well with rice.

Places to eat delicious tofu

Tofu specialty store

Tofu Dengaku
Tofu Dengaku

Japan has a specialty store for tofu dishes.
Budget starts from around 3000 yen.
When you order a course meal, about 6 tofu dishes are provided.
Various washokus such as fried foods and boiled foods are provided.
Desserts are also made of tofu.
There is also a vegetarian menu.
Some shops offer tofu sandwiches.
You will be surprised by the tofu dishes you have never seen.

Convenience store, supermarket

"Hiyayakko" set
“Hiyayakko” set

You can buy tofu at convenience stores and supermarkets.
From 50 yen per piece.
The taste changes depending on the price.
We recommend tofu of around 250 yen because it is delicious.
Tofu is in a container filled with water.
Tofu is soft and easily crumbles.
There is water in the container to prevent the tofu from collapsing.
Please discard this water when eating.
There are also products that have no water and only tofu.
We sell tofu dishes at convenience stores.
There is also a “Hiyayakko” set with tofu and condiments.
About 200 yen.
There is also an “Agedashi Tofu” set.
This is around 300 yen.
The “Agedashi Tofu” set needs to be microwaved.
If you want to eat it immediately, ask a clerk to warm it up.

There are many delicious tofu dishes in Japan

Soft ice cream made from soy milk
Soft ice cream made from soy milk

Do not sprinkle too much soy sauce on the tofu.

Tofu is a Japanese food with a delicate taste.
If you sprinkle too much seasoning on the tofu, you will not be able to taste the tofu.
Do not overuse the seasoning to taste the tofu.

Eat tofu without seasoning.

For dishes that are not seasoned with tofu, such as Hiyayakko, try eating the tofu without seasoning.
You can feel the sweetness and umami of tofu.
You can eat it deliciously by sprinkling seasonings such as soy sauce on tofu, but it is recommended that you eat the first bite without sprinkling seasonings on tofu.

Tofu can be eaten deliciously even if you can’t use chopsticks.

Tofu is soft and difficult to eat with chopsticks.
Tofu can be eaten deliciously with a spoon.
If it is difficult to eat tofu with chopsticks, use a spoon.

You will be surprised.
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