【Japanese people teach】How to eat Tempura.

Do you know the correct way to eat tempura?
As a Japanese, I will teach you how to eat tempura deliciously.
Introduces various types such as normal tempura and rare tempura.
Also introduces the secrets of tempura’s deliciousness.
I will teach you how to eat tempura using a lot of pictures.

The secret of delicious tempura

How to make tempura

Dissolve flour in water
Dissolve flour in water

Dissolve flour with water to make it liquid.
Put the ingredients in this liquid.
Then fry the ingredients in oil.
The ingredients are heated while wrapped in clothing.
By wrapping in clothes, the umami and flavor of the ingredients are condensed.
Cook at high temperature for a short time.
This is a washoku recipe that makes the most of the taste of the ingredients.

Popular tempura and rare tempura in Japan

Shrimp tempura

Shrimp tempura

The most popular ingredient in tempura.
You can taste the crisp texture and elegant sweetness of the shrimp.
You can eat shrimp tails, but some people don’t.

Fish tempura

Fish tempura

Various fish will be tempura.
The main ingredients are garfish, conger, sweetfish, etc.
Tempura ingredients are mostly white fish with a light taste.
You can enjoy the fluffy texture of the fish.
As soon as you eat a fragrant fish such as sweetfish, you will be surprised at the fragrance.

Japanese eggplant tempura

Japanese eggplant

Japanese eggplant is an foodstuff often used for tempura.
Japanese eggplant is sliced and fried.
Japanese eggplant may be cut into a fan shape.
Japanese eggplant tempura is very juicy.
Japanese eggplant tempura has a little sweetness.

Sweet potato tempura

Sweet potato tempura

The sweet potato is yellow and the skin purple.
Sweet potatoes are sliced and fried.
Sweet potato tempura has sweet potato skin.
You can eat the sweet potato skin.
You will be surprised by the strong sweetness.
You can enjoy the texture of potatoes.


Japanese pumpkin tempura

Japanese pumpkin
Japanese pumpkin

Japanese pumpkins are orange and the skin green.
Pumpkin is sliced and fried.
Pumpkin tempura has pumpkin skin.
Pumpkin tempura has skin.
You can eat pumpkin skin.
You can taste sweetness different from sweet potato.

Mushroom tempura

Mushroom tempura

Various mushrooms will be the ingredients for tempura.
Mainly, maitake mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms are the ingredients for tempura.
The fragrance is excellent.
Thick mushrooms are juicy enough to be mistaken for meat.



Kakiage is made out of a variety of julienned vegetables and seafood mixed together and deep fried.
It is also a topping for soba and udon.
You can taste the elegant sweetness of vegetables.

Ice cream tempura

Ice cream tempura

The cold ice cream becomes tempura.
The outside is hot but the inside is cold.
It is rare in Japan.
Some shops offer ice cream tempura as a dessert.

How to eat delicious tempura



Freshly made tempura is very delicious.
Eat as soon as the tempura is served.
Over time, the crisp texture disappears.
We eat with chopsticks basically.
If you can’t use chopsticks, you can use a fork.
I do not know if there is a fork in the store, so it is relief to bring it.
Tempura can be eaten as it is, but if you add a seasoning, it will be even more delicious.

Seasoning to eat tempura deliciously


Matcha salt
Matcha salt

Salt is provided in a small dish.
Add a little salt to the tempura.
In some cases, “Matcha salt”, which contains matcha in salt, is offered.
A salt that allows you to enjoy the flavor of matcha.
Add a little matcha salt to the tempura.



There are times when a sauce “Tentsuyu” is offered.
Made based on the soy sauce, a seasoning from Washoku.
Soak and eat tempura in “Tentsuyu”.
Don’t immerse for a long time, just lightly attach the “tentsuyu”.
Long soaking eliminates the crunchy texture of tempura.
There are times when grated radish is attached to “Tentsuyu”.
Add grated radish to “Tentsuyu” for a refreshing taste.
First, just “Tentsuyu”, then add radish and enjoy the difference in taste.
Only use one type of seasoning for tempura.
You can divide the same tempura and add salt and “tentsuyu” to each.

A place where you can eat tempura deliciously in Japan

Tempura specialty store

Make tempura
Make tempura

The tempura specialty store offers the tempura made by the chef in front of you.
Freshly fried tempura is provided.
The ingredients to be provided are determined by the chef.
The order of serving the ingredients is also determined by the chef.
The chef will provide the best ingredients at the best timing.
You will be impressed by its taste.
Prices range from 10,000 yen to 30,000 yen per person
The price is high, but the taste is exceptional.
You will have a good time with your loved ones.
It is better to go to the store after making a reservation.
You can order alcohol in the store.
There are sake that goes well with Washoku.

Soba specialty store

soba and tempura

Let’s go to a soba specialty store and order “tempura platter”.
You can taste various tempura such as shrimp and eggplant.
Tempura, a specialty soba store, has high quality.
Freshly fried tempura is provided.
The price is around 2000 yen.
There is a set of soba and tempura on the menu.
If you order this set, you can taste Soba, Tempura and two Washoku at the same time.
There are also sake and beer.
There are also snacks such as fried chicken.
The soba specialty store is a great place in terms of price.
This is the place I recommend.


“Tempura Assortment” in a pack

You can buy tempura in a supermarket.
We recommend the “Tempura Assortment” in a pack.
Various kinds of tempura such as shrimp and vegetables are included in the set.
The price is around 500 yen.
However, it is not freshly fried.
It is good for casual eating in a hotel room.

Three tips for eating tempura deliciously

Let’s eat tempura as soon as it is served.

The crispy texture of tempura will be lost over time.
Let’s eat the provided tempura as soon as possible.

Do not add too much seasoning.

Seasonings such as salt enhance the taste of tempura.
However, if you add too much seasoning, you will not be able to enjoy the delicate taste of tempura.
Let’s add a little seasoning to the tempura.

 You can eat tempura even if you can’t use chopsticks.

Tempura can be eaten with a fork without using chopsticks.
People who cannot use chopsticks in Japan can eat tempura with a fork.
If you can’t use chopsticks, prepare a fork.

Tempura assortment

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