【Japanese people teach】How to eat Sushi.

I will teach you three tips for eating sushi deliciously as a Japanese person.
Do you know the correct way to eat sushi?
Introducing the types of sushi and places where you can eat delicious sushi.
There are many pictures of Japanese sushi.

Delicious how to eat sushi

Put the soy sauce on fishery products

Why add soy sauce to sushi?
That’s because sushi becomes delicious.
The flavor of fish and the flavor of soy sauce go well together.
The synergistic effect makes sushi delicious.
Apply soy sauce to seafood.
Please do not soy sauce on rice.
The taste will be worse.

How to apply soy sauce


Sushi has seafood on rice.
Put soy sauce in a small dish.
Add soy sauce to gully (ginger).
Apply this soy sauce to the seafood.
Apply a small amount of soy sauce.
Soy sauce is salty.
Do not apply too much soy sauce.
If you can use chopsticks, you can use the chopsticks and hold the gully by hand.
If you have difficulty using chopsticks, you can use a small spoon.
Some sushi has a sweet sauce.
Do not add soy sauce to this sushi.

Eat rice and the fishery products together

Sushi, please do not tear off fishery products from rice.
Sushi is size of a mouthful.
Please eat sushi by a mouthful.

Eat by hand

Sushi and hand

Washoku uses chopsticks, but you can eat sushi by hand.
Wipe a hand using “oshibori” before eating.
“oshibori ” is a wet towel.
Some are cold ” oshibori “and some are hot” oshibori “.
If a hand becomes dirty, please wipe it with “oshibori”.


The sushi term which want to learn

Sumeshi(Vinegared rice)

Vinegared rice

Use the vinegared rice for sushi.
Vinegared rice are sour and are sweet.
The thing which mixed vinegar and sugar and salt with rice is a vinegared rice .
The vinegared rice is different in some taste by a shop.

Wasabi(Japanese horseradish)


It is a spice to attach to a fish and the shellfish.
There are a unique sharp taste and fragrance.
As a child is weak in this sharp taste, most of the Japanese children do not eat wasabi.
Wasabi deletes the fishy smell of the fish
Wasabi has a bactericidal action.
Wasabi has the effect of preventing food poisoning.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce

It is a salty sauce.
Washoku seasoning.
Apply a small amount to fish and shellfish.
The flavor of fish and the flavor of soy sauce go well together.
Adding soy sauce makes sushi delicious.
It has the effect of eliminating the fishy smell.
It also has a bactericidal effect.

Gully (ginger)


Ginger sliced and pickled in sweet vinegar.
A bit sweet and sour.
There is also pungency.
Removes aftertaste in mouth.
It is a taste that children are not good at.

Kind of sushi



It is a small lump of vinegared rice with fish and shellfish on it.
Typical ones are tuna, shrimp and salmon.
The vinegared rice is bite-sized.
Nigiri is eaten by bite.
Soy sauce is applied to fish and shellfish.
There is a wasabi between the vinegared rice and the fish.
If you are not good at wasabi, you can order without it.


Gunkan Sushi

It is made by wrapping black seaweed around a small lump of vinegared rice and putting seafood on top of it.
The typical ones are salmon roe, sea urchin and negitro.
It is made in bite-sized, so eat it with a bite.
Do not remove black seaweed.
Enjoy the aroma and taste of nori.
Use seafood that is easily deformed, such as fish eggs.
Soy sauce should be applied to the seafood from above.
Gunkan often has no wasabi.


Sushi rolls

Norimaki is made by wrapping ingredients such as seafood with vinegared rice and nori.
Typical ones are kappa rolls (cucumber), iron fire rolls (tuna) and natto rolls.
It is cut into 4 or 6 pieces.
Eat one at a bite.
You can eat with your hands.
Do not remove black seaweed.
Enjoy the aroma and taste of nori.
The person who does not like wasabi will order it without wasabi.
As it is hard to spread the soy sauce on fishery products, I put soy sauce on a vinegar meal in small quantities and eat.


Inari sushi

Put a vinegar meal in the fried bean curd.
A fried bean curd is seasoned indulgently.
Eat without attaching soy sauce.
The wasabi does not enter.
It is popular among children.
The fried bean curd gets wet with sweet sauce.
You may eat using a hand, but some hands become dirty.
Let’s wipe it with “a hand towel” if we become dirty.
There is “Gomoku Inari” which put a shiitake and vegetables in the vinegar meal.


chirashi sushi

It is made by putting vinegared rice in a deep dish and putting seafood on it.
Some contain mushrooms and vegetables.
Put the soy sauce on the seafood.
You eat with chopsticks, but you can also use a spoon.
If you don’t have a spoon, tell the clerk.

A place where you can eat sushi deliciously in Japan

Sushi specialty store

Sushi specialty store

A sushi chef makes and offers sushi in front of you.
More than 20,000 yen at expensive stores.
Low price from 2000 yen.
For expensive shops, the shop decides the type of sushi and offers it.
The type of sushi changes depending on the purchased seafood.
Cheap stores are around 2,000 yen for a set of 8 Nigiri.
A set with expensive seafood will be expensive.
You can order your favorite sushi.
It starts from around 200 yen each.
We also offer Washoku for sashimi and stewed dishes.



Prices range from 1000 yen to 2000 yen.
Sushi is served on a plate.
The plate will come on the conveyor.
Take your favorite plate and eat sushi.
Prices are set for each plate.
One plate costs 100 to 500 yen.
We will count the plates and pay.
You can also order your favorite sushi.
Newly made sushi is provided when I order it.
Therefore, there are many people who order.
It is crowded on Saturday and Sunday.
The popular shop may wait for one hour from 30 minutes.

Convenience store, supermarket

Sushi Pack

Sushi is also sold at convenience stores.
It is around 700 yen for eight sets.
The small sack of the soy sauce is on, too.
Due to the small number of items, they may be sold out.
The supermarket has much number of sushi.
Until about 5 o’clock in the evening, it is almost certainly sold.
Norimaki and Inari are also sold.


As for the taste of sushi, a sushi specialty store is the most delicious.
Next is Kaitenzushi.
Convenience store is good when you want to eat sushi casually.
It should be decided according to your budget and purpose.

3 tips to eat sushi deliciously



Eat sushi right away

Eat sushi as soon as it is served.
The fish fillets on top of the sushi will taste worse over time.
The sushi provided will be delicious if you eat it early.
The same applies to sushi bought at supermarkets and convenience stores.

Add soy sauce to the fish on the sushi

For sushi, do not add soy sauce to vinegared rice.
For sushi, add soy sauce to the fish.
Adding soy sauce to the fish makes the taste of sushi delicious.

Sushi can be eaten by hand.

You don’t have to use chopsticks.
You can eat sushi by hand.
I think it’s easier to eat sushi by hand than with chopsticks.
However, let’s eat sushi with clean hands.

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